At Surgify Medical we are passionately dedicated to our motto:

For Safer Bone Surgery.

We develop and provide the highest standard of technology to support surgeons performing spinal, cranial, ENT or orthopedic procedures.

Our mission is to maximize safety and minimize risk in any surgery involving bone removal, drilling or shaping.

Guided by our mission we have developed Surgify Halo™, introducing a pressure-controlled, tissue-specific bone drill.

The idea behind Surgify Halo is simple, yet revolutionary. For the first time, surgeons can use a soft tissue-protecting device for bone removal in a high-speed drill system, with no changes to the drilling technique.

Surgify Halo™ is based on the HaloSense technology, a patented safety mechanism which effectively cuts bone but automatically shields the sharp cutting areas when elastic soft tissue is approached.

Surgify Halo™ provides unprecedented levels of confidence to surgeons and protection for patients available in a conventional high-speed drill system.

Our company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with international presence through our own team and collaboration partners.