Surgify Halo™


Surgify Halo™ is a tissue-selective surgical drill for bone cutting that offers improved safety, precision, and speed in procedures on the cranium or spine.

The innovative pressure-controlled Surgify Halo™ for bone removal and sculpting has a unique soft-tissue protection shield enabling enhanced safety and precision compared to conventional bone burrs.

Surgify Halo™ key features:


Surgify Halo™ provides enhanced protection against incidental soft tissue damage in surgical procedures – allowing you great flexibility in bone resections close to vital soft tissues.


Surgify Halo™ has shown superior levels of control and precision through reduced chattering/unintentional “jumping” compared to conventional bone burrs. The smooth performance of Surgify Halo ensures superb accuracy and stability in bone removal procedures.


The effective bone-cutting properties of Surgify Halo™ combined with the confidence provided by the HaloSense technology enables shorter bone removal procedures without compromising patient safety.

The enhanced safety and precision are provided through the HaloSense technology, creating a tissue-selective safety shield around Surgify Halo™. The HaloSense technology activates automatically when Surgify Halo™ encounters tissue that is elastic and softer than bone during surgery

The HaloSense technology consists of a pressure-controlled ring with a larger diameter than the drill tip. The ring retracts when pressed against hard tissues (crystalline bone) to a level lower than the cutting edges, allowing Surgify Halo™ to effectively cut and shape bone.

When Surgify Halo™ encounters elastic soft tissue, the ring automatically protrudes to a level higher than the cutting edges and shields the drill tip, preventing it from affecting critical soft structures.

Please consult the instructions for use (IFU) carefully prior to clinical use.

Surgify Halo™is a CE-marked medical device and approved for use in the EU (Notified Body no. 0537)
Patent protected: EP3525691, US 113,245,19, JP2019531140A, ZL 201780063112.3, CA3038233A1.