Sometimes you must see it to believe it!

Explore Surgify Halo™ in action through our animations and videos, offering a visual experience of the latest advancement in high-speed surgical bone drilling.

Witness firsthand the advantages Surgify Halo™ is bringing to surgeons worldwide.

The slow-motion videos captured with a high-speed camera in a laboratory environment show the protective features of Surgify Medical’s proprietary HaloSense technology.

It is clearly visible how Surgify Halo™does not affect, tear, or wrap the soft tissue model when run at its operational speed.

The difference is evident compared with a conventional burr where severe damage is inflicted on the soft tissue model when run at its recommended speed and with the same amount of pressure applied to the model.

*Soft tissue model: Chicken fillet

In these videos, Surgify Halo™ is compared to a conventional cutting burr in a laboratory environment on cadaver bone.

The surgeon conducting the drilling was instructed to apply standard surgical procedure when removing the bone on the sample.

When using Surgify Halo™ the surgeon was able to remove the bone all the way to the underlying dura (the bright, white tissue beneath the bone in the video) without inflicting any tears or damage.

In contrast to the soft tissue protecting features of Surgify Halo™, when the surgeon use a conventional cutting burr on the bone sample the risk of damaging the dura becomes evident.